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Professional body thermometer 

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 What is a thermometer?

A tool for measuring temperature. Which contains a tube and numbers to indicate the temperature values.

Of course, the thermometers have different types, but their working principles are the same.

In this paper, we examined digital and analog thermometers.

Analog thermometer operation method:

The internal material is an analog thermometer of mercury, because mercury is the only liquid that is easily converted from solid state to liquid. In this way, when the tip of the thermometer is placed in the vicinity of the desired material, the mercury is converted to a liquid and begins to rise, where it stops, the desired temperature is easily read through the numbers on the thermometer Be readable.

thermometer operation method:

These thermometers work through batteries that do not need to be recharged and use a computer chip to measure temperature. On these thermometers, there is a decimal place to display the temperature on it.

Given the greater accuracy of measuring a digital thermometer, this type of thermometer is used in medical, scientific and food-processing experiments.

Analog and digital thermometer difference:

It takes at least 3 minutes for the thermometer to convert mercury from solid to liquid, so that we can measure the temperature. But in the digital thermometer, this time is very short and 30 seconds.

The accuracy of measuring the digital thermometer is greater. Because the analog thermometer may look at temperatures from different angles, so the possibility of mistakes is high.

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