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Various Scenarios When Using The Walker

Various Scenarios When Using The Walker
The need for rehabilitation tools is felt with age and the inability of people to walk. Of course, the use of rehabilitation tools has other reasons that may be temporary or permanent.  

Some rehabilitation tools

  1. Cane
  2. Walker

Various scenarios when using the walker

You can use the walker in a variety of ways, but this should be determined by a specialist doctor. This article explains these scenarios.  
  1. Put a healthy foot on the ground and place the damaged foot above the ground and use only a healthy foot to walk. (just walk with one foot)
  2. Put both feet on the ground, but put all your weight on the healthy foot.
  3. Put both your feet on the ground and place only a percentage of your weight on the affected foot. Which is determined by the doctor.
  4. Put both your feet on the ground and place your weight evenly on your two feet.

A cane or walker?!?

The best person is a doctor to determine if the can or walker is right for you. But it's better to use Walker after surgery, fracture, or other serious injuries, because it's easier and more stable to use. Then, once the condition of the person is better, he can use the cane.
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