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Walker Types And Its Uses

Walker Types And Its Uses


Walkers are available in a variety of ways and are used to relocate people who can not bear their weight on their legs. Of course, it's best to check for performance before being paid by the customer for a walker, so that the user can be sure that the walker can meet all his needs.  


  • Initially, the walkers were made in cases where it was not foldable and was usually aluminum in a metal frame.
  • Later, improvements to its design were made for easier user movement, with the ability to fold.
  • Then, due to the weight of the walker for some users, the wheel was added to the walker so that the user can move it more easily.
  There are, of course, also other types of walkers that they call the rolling walker, in which the designers implement all the requirements of the user. Its performance include: brakes and a basket and chair for sitting the user and ...  

Who are the walkers used by?

For example, people who have problems after the accident and who need to walk, or those who can not walk at all, and ... use walkers. Because walker helps them, even though they are not able to move their legs, they can develop some independent moves over time.
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