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Walker And Its Application

Walker And Its Application


The Walker is a simple tool for people with disabilities or the elderly who are used by these people to maintain balance while walking. Walkers appeared in the early 1950s.  

Walker design

The initial walker design was a lightweight frame with a height of about 30 cm. Modern walkers are available in a variety of sizes that both children and obese people can use. Of course, modern walkers have the ability to change their height, and the user can adjust the height to suit his personal taste and comfort. Walkers are also available in wheelchairs or without wheels. Which is in some types, four wheels, two wheels or no wheels.  

How to use of walker

The user can move the walker forward and around using the walker. By placing his hands on both sides of the upper part of the walker and moving the walker after each step he takes or simultaneously with the steps. It depends on the user having the ability to bear weight on one of the legs.  

Another type of walker

There is, of course, another type of walker that is called a rolling walker. This type of walkers has a basket under the chair or in the front and are also reversible. In addition, the brake fluid is integrated with the device's locking function.
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